Earth day

Pollution caused by chemicals waste and microplastics

Today, on Earth Day, we are happy to announce that we have expanded our production team at GESSICA by with one more dressmaker and that we have purchased new fabrics, 100% organic, with a minimal impact on the environment and our body.
GESSICA is a fully sustainable clothing brand, dedicated to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will ensure a better world for us and for future generations.
We were aware that the international fashion industry must urgently cut emissions by 50 per cent to reach a 1.5 °C target (says a new report from McKinsey and the Global Fashion Agenda) so we decided to take that into account with more responsibility. 

While the figures are debated, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has calculated the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year, while it is estimated to use around 1.5 trillion litres of water annually. Meanwhile concerns have been rising about pollution, from chemical waste to microplastics.

Since 2019 when the brand was founded, our main goal is to minimize the carbon footprint from both textile and clothing industries. As well as the the water pollution, as a result of the artificial coloring of the textile, which leads to the so-called "blue waters" in China, India, Pakistan etc where most textile factories are located.
GESSICA  collaborates only with textile suppliers who own certificates for fabrics made from 100% organic materials or 100% recycled plastic waste. 
Our fabrics are mostly sourced from Italy, Germany, China, Turkey and India and we try our best to approach a sustainable practice in very part of the production process.
Last but not least, a major priority in our company is to ensure a fair, equal working place and in accordance with a balanced lifestyle.
Please don’t forget to take care of yourself. And to take into account the direct impact of your actions on those around you the environment, so that it’s always a positive one.

Pollution caused by transportation

Perry and an international group of colleagues point out that the global nature of the fashion industry means clothes may have travelled around the world several times during manufacture, while it is estimated that if 3% of garment transportation shifted from ship to air cargo – a burgeoning trend in the industry – it could result in over 100% more carbon emissions than if all garment transportation was by ship.

To avoid that, we have been producing all our garments in-house, in Romania (Europe) and we are only collaborating with local printers and artisans. Therefore, the only transpiration used for our products is local warehouse - customer. 

Happy Earth day! 🌍