About us

Gessica is a mother - daughter sustainable business that creates top quality handmade products on demand. All products are designed in Germany and produced from ethical fabrics in Romania. 

Our purpose is to create a better world through transparency, equality and ethical fabrics


Our fabrics are sourced in Italy and Germany and then sewn into garments in Romania, using a transparent process that not only delivers the finest possible product, but also helps protect the environment. “The thing that touches the skin. The thing that leaves a memory. We pay particular attention to that.” Our collections are defined by Gessica’s mother who has 32 years of experience in tailoring and garment making. Elena Albu studied at Sankt Petersburg Tailoring School, worked for a German Atelier in Dresden who produced military uniforms and moved to Romania where she managed her own Atelier, which turned into a family business.


The collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear from organic and natural fabrics. And activewear made from regenerated nylon. The designs are contemporary, architectural and smart. We define ourselves through monochromatic outfits and clever finishing. 


GA offers Made-to-measure service: by completing the “additional information” form at checkout, the design will be adjusted to your specifications.

At Gessica, we are confident in the quality of our clothes and this is why we offer a 12 or 24 months warranty certificate with each item purchased.



Strong creative professional skilled in Womenswear, Menswear and Graphic Design and with a BA degree in Fashion Design with Professional Enhancement from Coventry University, UK. Her work is a visual journey of style. Strongly influenced by something she loves to do in life every day, cycling, her aim is to combine fashion and functionality together and bring innovation in the industry by using a design process that combines clever cuts with organic materials.

Driven by curiosity and practicality, she perceives modernity as an exploration of movement and neutrality.

Born in Romania in 1995 to a Romanian father and Russian mother, she moved to United Kingdom at the age of 19 to study for a BA in Fashion. She studied womenswear at Coventry University and worked in humanwear for Maison the Faux based in NL and menswear for Obscur and Ashley Marc Hovelle based in Berlin alongside the university course. In 2018 she created HYBRIDS capsule collection as her graduation project. In 2019 Gessica Albu launches her own brand at the age of 24.