At GESSICA we design styles that not only look and feel good, but that are also produced in a fair and sustainable way. 

When we treat suppliers and workers fairly, everyone benefits. Fair trade helps our business source fabrics that are ethically and sustainably produced while giving consumers confidence that the people behind the products they buy get a fair deal for their hard work.

The value chain

The value chain describes all the production and trading stages that a product undergoes.

1 Style Design

The value chain begins with the product design, which is developed by Gessica Albu together with her mother Elena Albu who is the Head Production Manager. The designs are mainly developed in Germany and the final touch and details are defined in our atelier in Romania.

2. Fabric sourcing 

All our textiles are purchased from European suppliers who are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified. We use mostly fabrics made from organic cotton or natural yarns. 

For our Activewear collection, we used a fabric made from recycled plastic from the ocean, made in Italy.

3. Production 

The production is made 100% in-house in Romania, where our Atelier is based. GESSICA is a women-owned business and our production team consists of women.

Our brand aims to ensure a set of high-standards are met in the production and supply of our collections. Therefore, our workers receive a fair salary and performance bonus, legal holiday days and aren't required to work unpaid over-hours.

4. Clothing finishing

Some manufactured items have to be finished. That means they have to be preshrunk, dyed, ironed or possibly printed and much more. All finishing processes chosen by us are intended to be environmental-friendly 

5. Quality control

Quality control is one of the most important steps before an item can make its way to you. All GESSICA items are subject to a quality check at our production location. On a light table, the goods are checked individually for errors, which are then documented.

6. Logistics

At the end of the value chain, we send the desired styles to you, or to our partner marketplaces with our service providers from DPD. From here, GESSICA items begin a new life cycle in your home.